One Day
By David Nicholls

I find this book very original in its way, a friendship starting on July 15th 1988, is followed for 20 years. But only by that exact date.

You will get to read how Emma and Dexter are doing on that date each year and you will watch them change. You will watch them be succesfull and you will watch them feeling down because they think their world is falling apart. 

It’s nicely written and for some reason I never dared to cheer for something that happened in the book, because it always somehow turned out to be completely different.

It left me quite speechless for a while and there were moments when I just dropped the book because of some things being so unexpected.

I love how it’s a book about the future but it’s set in the past, making some historical moments rear their heads.

Very original, very must-read. I just really like this book.


In poetry, you and me
already means a lot.

But in our reality we’re,
not even a 


The Hunger Games Trilogy.
By Suzanne Collins.

**Might contain spoilers. So if you haven’t read the books yet, don’t read this review.**

The Hunger Games
What can I say? Amazing story line. It’s full of action and when one chapter ends, it ends with something that makes you want to read the next as well. i think most of us loved Katniss to be with Gale at first, because I did, but when I found Peeta had to enter the Games, and I learned he had loved Katniss all of those years and I learned their history together, I had been falling in love with Peeta since then and wanted their love to be real. Katniss needed some convincing though..

But I was happy they got out alive. Although we all knew this would bring trouble.

Catching Fire
My favorite book out of the 3. When I read the blurb and it said Katniss had to go back to the Games and I knew Finnick would be in the Games as well, I sort of had the idea that Katniss had to enter the games as Finnick’s mentor. Weird, I know. I couldn’t picture what this book would be about just reading the blurb but once I started reading it, I understood what the storyline was about this time.

I was charmed by Finnick the first time he was introduced.

The whole clock idea of the Games was really interesting and I loved it. Everything in this book screamed ‘rebel’ and it’s where the rebellion begins.

This was the hardest book for me to read. I felt like everything was going too fast and a little too chaotic in it.

I hated it when Finnick died, and Annie having his child had to make up for it I guess, and it did just a little bit, but no. Finnick had to stay alive to see it. His death was totally random. Not cool, Suzanne Collins. Not cool.

At the end, when Katniss choose Peeta over Gale, I felt she only did it because she thought Gale had something to do with Prim’s death. (Which, by the way, I disliked because basically this story began with the idea Katniss would do anything to save Prim, and then she dies anyway.)
And not because she really loved Peeta. Though in the epilogue, you do get to understand that both Katniss and Peeta are still traumatized by everything even though they’re much older then, and that shows reality, which I respected.

Especially the last sentence got to me and gave me the chills;

"But there are much worse games to play."

Love Under Fire
By Barbara Cartland

This is quite an old book that I found on my mom’s bookshelf that she read herself when she was a kid.
It’s about a girl living in Portugal, who isn’t treated right by her dad and stepmom, so she decides to run away to England where her grandparents live, but to do so she has to hide on Lord Wye’s ship who sails back to England.

He, of course, finds her on his ship but decides to let her tag along. Along the way they strand in some country during war, and they have to rely on only each other to get back to their homeland and during the fires, love rises.

It’s a really nice love story with a happy end. I am happy to have found it.

The Lucky One
By Nicholas Sparks

I do love me some Nicholas Sparks novels. And the movies based on them.
I was excited to read this when I got it for my birthday.

Somehow it was hard for me to finish it. I’m not sure how to explain that. Like when you have a writers block, I have a readers block with some books and The Lucky One was one of the few.

I did finish it, and it was pretty good after all. I love the calm nature of Logan Thibault and how mysterious he was, I loved Ben’s character, who’s Beth’s son. And I love how this story makes you think it was about Logan and Beth, but Logan finds out his journey coming to a place where he could find her, was not about Beth at all.(But she’s a good extra he must have thought.)

I also like how every chapter started with a different point of view, getting to know the characters in the book and how they think and feel.

It’s different from the movie but then again most of the books are. And the books are most of the time much better. So is this one.

The Fault In Our Stars
By John Green

So yes, I gave in into the pressure of tumblr people who have read this book or are reading it. I walked past the shelves in our bookstore and saw the famous blue cover in an ocean of books, staring back at me.

So you know I couldn’t walk past it.

I do understand why so many people enjoy this story and I don’t feel the need to explain the story to you.
I disliked that I already knew some of the spoilers so it didn’t make me cry or surprised as much as I would have if I hadn’t known, but it hurt my heart either way.

My thoughts on this book;

Hmmm. I find it difficult to tell you my thoughts on it. I even find it difficult to understand what I thought of it, because so many of you already shared your feelings about it, it makes me nothing special. It had great quotes, worth repeating in a daily life. 

I did cry reading this though and I felt so sad for Hazel I just wished I could hug her and change the story for her. I wanted that so badly.
Weirdly, Augustus was so much similar to my ex boyfriend, that it’s haunting me.

But even besides that, I fell in love with Augustus Waters the very first moment he was introduced in the book.

So I kinda fell in love with a book too.
A very good read.

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The Space Between Us
By Anna McPartlin

I picked this book up on my way home. The blurb tells me it’s a book about rekindled friendship by a tragic accident.
And it is.

When I first started reading it, I was scared I might not like it. I didn’t know what to expect from it. As I kept reading I found myself getting attached to it. I wanted to know what would happen between Eve and Lily as they found each other after 20 horrible years.
Why they stopped speaking when they were teenagers isn’t clear in the beginning yet, but the way that you figure it out is by reading their letters they wrote to eachother 20 years ago.

Every chapter starts with a letter from one to anothe and I think that’s what kept me hooked. Slowly but surely you find out what happened that destroyed their friendship. Then in their adult life, they grow back together much to Lily’s husband, Declan, his dismay.

It’s a nice book on friendship and a look on life from different perspectives.
The end shocked me but somehow added to the beauty of their friendship after all these years.

The Five People You Meet In Heaven
By Mitch Albom

Although there are millions of books I haven’t read I’m pretty darn sure this is in my top 3 favorites.

It’s a story about an old man named Eddie, and in the very beginning of the story he dies a hero, saving a little girl from a tragic accident.
Yes, it is a story about how death is not only an end; it’s also a new beginning.

Eddie thinks he has had made no difference in life, to anyone he’s ever met. He feels like his existence made no ties to those around him, and he takes these thoughts with him after his passing.

Like the title says; he meets five people in heaven. Some he knows very well, others he’s never met. But they are all connected to Eddie at some point in their lives. I can garantue that these acquaintances with each person he meets in heaven can make you think, and possibly leave some tears on your cheeks.

I personally like books who can make my brains work. If they can keep me thinking, I’ll continue thinking about it until I have a solution for their questions or how they see things. And those books linger in my mind.

The book makes you think that Eddie is a grumpy old man who doesn’t like anything. I must say that the very first time I met Eddie; He did not come off like that. Because the little things inbetween made him a great man.

He just didn’t know that yet in his waking life.
And those five people wait there for him to tell him exactly how I felt about him, the very first time I met him.

Amazing book.

Let’s start off this blog with one of my favorite books so far!

Me Before You.
By JoJo Moyes.

This is a story about life really. It’s a story about Lou and Will. And love makes this story more difficult. But certainly love makes it more beautiful and much more tragic.
I started reading this and found Lou (full name Louisa) kind of a lazy person in the beginning. She lives. She’s alive and she’s okay with that. But that’s pretty much all to it. She thinks she likes the way she is living at the moment, knowing her routine, never a step out of place but when she loses her job all of the sudden, she meets Will and he knows how to change her mind.

The pretty thing about this book is; she meets Will when she is applying for a job to look after him.

Will lived his life to the extremes, no better day than the present must have been his motto. He would have continued enjoying every single second of this life until a tragic accident made him quadriplegic. You keep in mind how Lou is supposed to bring joy to his life when all along, it’s Will bringing sense into hers.
The sad thing is that you realise it when you finish reading it, and when I finished it, I mourned over it for a good week.

It’s one of the books I cried the hardest about and I’m kind of a sucker for books like that.
This one has got a special place in my heart among a few others and I am glad I found this book. Or maybe it found me.

With some nice quotes and conversations that make you think, if you’re a sucker for tear jerkers, like me; I recommend this book a 100%!